The Animated Body

An interactive installation for visualizing our body movements by utilizing the Xbox Kinect camera.

Creative Coding, Art direction
openFrameworks(C++), Xbox Kinect

Inspired by Étienne-Jules Marey, The Animated Body is created with capturing the beauty of motion in mind.


Étienne-Jules Marey was a physiologist in the 19th Century, who invented the chronophotography technique. He took images from a modified rifle, that allowed him to show dynamic motion on the same print similar to a freeze-frame image.

Acrobat (1890), photographed by Étienne-Jules Marey (via MOMA)

I want to create a similar freeze-frame effect from Étienne-Jules Marey’s photographs. I ended up using OpenFrameworks with an Xbox Kinect, I was able to track the contour of a person using Kinect’s depth camera. In the video,  it fills the contour with gradually changing colors and leaves a trail as the person is performing and expressing the kinetic movement in front of the camera.

For future implementation, this project could be installed and projected at a dance venue or s concert as a visual effect.

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